Men's Wool Loungers

£95 GBP

Light, breathable, and an ideal co-pilot when you're slipping into any type of warm and sunny situation.

Birds in the Wild

Slip on and stroll along. Follow the Wool Loungers everywhere they go at @allbirds.

The Wool Lounger is not for lounging, but hey, you do you. Just know that whatever you’re getting into, its sleek lines and smart design will carry you through the day in unrivalled comfort and uncompromised style.
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Counting Sheep
A merino sheep’s wool fibres clock in at 20% the diameter of human hair, meaning they’re sporting one superfine coat. We source 17.5 micron superfine New Zealand Merino wool, which we developed into our very own material with a premium Italian mill. It’s temperature-regulating and incredibly cosy, all without an irritating scratchiness.
Wool Lounger Top
Wool Upper

Our very own textile made from superfine merino wool. Soft and itch-free on the inside, durable and water-resistant on the outside, and comfortable all over.

Padded Insole

We line our insoles with our proprietary merino wool fabric for softness, moisture wicking, and odor reduction.

For supreme comfort and cushioning, we use castor bean oil, which also cuts carbon output when compared to petroleum-based foam. Shop Insoles

Wool Lounger Bottom
Lightweight Sole

Our proprietary low-density foam helps us make the lightest, most comfortable shoe possible, complete with expert cushioning and friction control.

The unique S-curve tread array is designed to mimic the anatomical flexibility of your feet and give you natural weight distribution as you stroll.

The Benefits of Wool Loungers
Wool Icon
Soft and Cozy
Flexible Slinky
Flexibly Conforms to Your Movements
Hot and Cold Icon
Cool in the Heat and Warm in the Cold
Moisture Icon
Wicks Moisture
Sockless Icon
So Soft You Can Wear Sockless
Smelly Foot
Minimizes Odor
Washing Machine
Machine Washable
Low Carbon Footprint

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