Mother Nature is our muse. Building on her handiwork, we’re finding new uses for materials that exist right in front of us. Like sugarcane—one sustainable sweetheart.

It’s so self-sufficient, in fact, that when it’s processed, its biomass is extracted to literally power the mill and fertilize the next year’s crop. When we transform it into our SweetFoam™ shoe sole, it contours to your feet for bouncy comfort that lets you let loose.

A South American Specialty

The sugarcane used to make SweetFoam™ is sourced from southern Brazil, where it relies on rainwater, not irrigation. It’s a fully renewable resource that grows quickly, removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process.

Protected by Proforest

Our sugarcane is sourced to rigorous standards that protect people and the environment. These standards were developed by Proforest, and the farms are audited by a third party.

Recycled plastic bottles find new life as Sugar Zeffer straps. Reincarnation is a beautiful thing.
Used in the Zeffer strap’s cushy bio-foam interior and bio-nylon anchors, these beans mean business
Our packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard. Because every box deserves a second chance.